What is a resume?

A resume is a summarized document that contains your educational background (bachelor's degree, master's degree, PhD), skills, achievements and work experience. This piece of writing should be well-written to attract the employer's attention and to get a job interview.

Having a good resume is the key to a job interview; therefore, in this section we provide you with some useful tips to write an appealing resume. Gather all information about yourself, organize it in chronological order then list all your skills and your references. It is also recommended to attach a cover letter to your resume.

To sum up, this document is your passport to success, then it is necessary to know how to prepare a outstanding resume.

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Make a comprehensive and briefly resume, because recruiters will give a quick look at it. When employers read a long and unintelligible resume, they just discard it. Therefore it is important to make it as concise as possible and at the same time, appealing. Finally accompany your resume with a cover letter and do not forget to submit your job application before the deadline that is set by the company.

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