Civil Affairs Jobs

Civil affairs jobs are a type of work that's usually performed by the United Nations. It is usually done in the United Nations' peacekeeping missions around the world. People who work in civil affairs must be as diplomatic as possible.
A civil affairs worker is the face of the mission itself; he provides assistance for the countries that have faced or are currently facing a conflict situation. The functions that they will perform include:

- Analyzing the country's conflicts,
- Collaborating with the activities that were carried on the missions,
- Being the spokesperson of the mission itself,
- And interacting with the authorities.

They are also three core civil affairs roles:
- Cross-mission representation, monitoring and facilitation at the local level;
- Confidence-building, conflict management and support to reconciliation;
- Support to the restoration and extension of state authority.This kind of job could sometimes be dangerous depending on the location of the mission and the type of conflict; a person who wants to take a job on UN civil affairs must have the courage and braveness to be a representative of the United Nations.

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