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Economy is the study of the factors that compound the system of the production and the further movement of goods and services. It is crucial for the subsistence and development of a society. It can also be categorized by types.
An economist knows how to apply concepts and theories to the reality of a country, a community or a company: that's why their field of work is so large. Economists are required to perform counseling at many levels: sometimes for an upcoming business or sometimes for the government.

Economic affairs jobs and financial jobs have a huge market, and it's up to each economist to decide their own specialization. Sometimes is not necessary to have a degree to be considered an economist, but to get an important job is preferable to reach a high level of economic studies; this usually helps to have a better understanding about a certain subject when working on a project.
An economist must have knowledge about math and computer programming which will help him measure the facts studied on the area.

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