Humanitarian Affairs Jobs

Humanitarian affairs refer to what is called humanitarian assistance industry. It is not required to have a degree in humanitarian affairs, although it is advisable. The main prerequisite is to have a calling to help others. People can work in the field of humanitarian affairs jobs by practicing their own professions for the good of people in need, in communities of third world countries or countries that had been hit by a natural disaster. This field of work also includes dealing with human rights and environmental problems.

In some cases, people may receive training about the culture and the problems they are facing but people get most of their experiences from working in humanitarian affairs jobs, considering that they are dealing with a major problem in a different environment; an environment that they're not adjusted to. Having worked in humanitarian affairs gives a very good professional reference that can be added in a resume and causes a good impression in a virtual employer. The most important reward is the knowledge of having helped someone to have a better life. Fields related to humanitarian affairs include medicine, engineering, architecture, administration and fundraising.

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