What is a Bachelor's Degree?

A bachelor's degree, also known as baccalaureate, is a degree conferred by universities and colleges when a student completes successfully his studies at the educational institution. It is the first academic degree of higher education and by having this degree you can choose a major and minor at a college or a university: from a bachelor in chemistry to a healthcare administration degree, the choice is yours. On the other hand, if you want to access to a master's degree or a PhD, you will need a baccalaureate.

In general, many students prefer going to a university to get a bachelor's degree while others go to business school for management programs. By studying at university you can gain the following degrees according to your GPA and academic performance: summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude. Nowadays, companies need talented graduates in management to face current business challenges. Bachelor degrees are becoming more and more popular as the years progress. Degrees like Bachelors in nursing or a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity and Information are a hot trend for people exploring their careers. Not only can obtaining a bachelor's degree help to further your education, but it can also help prepare you for your career.

Why should you take a bachelor's degree?

First of all, a bachelor's degree enriches your resume; therefore, you can get better labor opportunities. Moreover, job seekers who hold a baccalaureate receive higher salaries than their counterparts who do not own one, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS). In addition, bachelor's degree holders are usually promoted to higher positions.

As we've mentioned above, companies need highly trained professionals to stay ahead of the latest changes in this vertiginous market. A bachelor's degree is essential if you are applying for a job. Moreover, a recent survey carried out by the Virginia Polytechnic and State University and the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) shows that approximately 83% of respondents said that they required a bachelor's degree to get a job.

Types of degrees

There are many types of bachelor's degrees depending on the profession you choose. The following are most common bachelor's degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA).-This kind of degree is conferred upon students who have completed their studies on Social Science, English Literature, History and Arts.
  • Bachelor of Science (BS). - This kind of degree is granted to students who have finished their studies on Physical Sciences, Life Sciences or Mathematical Sciences.

Language Courses for Bachelor Degrees

Besides having professional degrees you must be aware that most employers seek workers who can speak more than one language, it is true that English is the second most spoken language around the world but there are also other languages that will surely be helpful when applying for a job.

Here you will find several options to learn some language, not only at home but you can go to the country and learn it there living in that culture and knowing more about another part of the world, it's interesting and also increases your resume.


French is the official language of 33 countries; this is the reason why it is the second most taught language around the world. It is a working language of international organizations such as The UN (United Nations), The EU (European Union), NATO, International Labor Organization, among others.

Among the French speaking countries are: France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco and Romania.

If you are thinking to take some French lessons, then you must know that French grammar has similarities to Italian and Spanish language, and that you will have to make the pronunciation of nasal sounds. Besides, there are many French schools worldwide where you can take French lessons. We recommend you to visit this “French schools” guide, where you can find a French school in your country.


The Chinese language has more native speakers than other language in the world. It is most spoken in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, among others.

The most widely spoken form of Chinese language is the “Mandarin Chinese”. This is written by symbols called Chinese characters. Mandarin has over 800 million speakers.

If you are thinking to learn this language, then you must know that it’s not as difficult as you can think. Chinese is a tonal language, so the meaning of words depends on the intonation. Besides, you will also have to learn to write Chinese characters, so be ready to memorize over 2000 characters. The good news is that the Chinese grammar is to our surprise straightforward.