If you are looking for a job right now, whether in your country or abroad, one of the steps you have to take is applying for it. There are different ways to apply for the job you want to get. For instance, you can fill a form in the office of the company, or visit the website of the company/organization and fill out an online application form. Definitely, the last option it is the most easy to do and allow you to save time. You just need to read carefully the instructions in order you to do this well. Then, we invite you to read the following information regarding to apply for a job through Internet.

With the use of the technology (Internet), it is really easy to find current job vacancies whether in your country or abroad, so you can find a plenty of job opportunities related to your career, searching on internet. Company's websites list also job offers for people who dream to work abroad. There are also short-term job vacancies, so among the large number of offers you have to choose one that meets your desires and expectations.

Companies and organizations publish their job offers usually in a section called "Careers". You must read carefully the description of the job position, in order to match the job vacancy criteria, and this way contribute also with the organization to reach its goals.

Sometimes, you will have to send your Resume/CV to the email address of the company, and sometimes you will be required to fill out an online form, that is why here we want to present you with useful information about online job applications, but first let's read some info about some important documents, you have to attach the application form, those are the resume and job application letter.

Important documents


It is an important document that shows the employers your personal background, education and skills. Usually, it is sent with a cover letter. The resume must be clear and must allow employers to read and identify easily your skills, work experience and your career achievements. Thus, you need to consider that interviewers just will screen your resume for a few minutes, so all have to be clear, correctly written and also it has to be free of mistakes.

At the moment to write your resume, don't forget to use the adequate style, to proof read, and to check the spelling and grammar of the text. Bear in mind that, a mistake in the spelling won't be a favorable point for you, so check it again after writing it.

Job application letter

This letter is also known as a "cover letter". This has the main purpose to get the employers read your resume. Here, you can summarize your career, and describe your skills in no more than one page.

There are also many styles to write this letter, but you need to use your creativity in order to get the attention of the employer. You can include the phrase "You can see from my enclosed CV....", and then go ahead and mention something about your career.

Online job application

When we talk about online job applications, we are talking about an easy way to apply for a job. Companies and organizations use this method to gather the information for applicants and decide which can be the potential candidates to occupy the job vacancy. So according the information they read, they determine which candidates are able to the job interview.

When applying for international jobs or jobs in your country, you will have to fill out forms that can have the following parts:

  • Sometimes, you will have to register first, in order to apply for the job and have access to the form to enter your information.
  • Once you are registered (sometimes not necessary), you will have to enter your dates (name, last name, address, resume, cover letter, etc) and apply.

Online job application form

This way, you can also send your resume and job application letter in just a few clicks. Online job applications definitely are an easy way in order you can apply for a job.

Sending your documents (CV/ resume) to many companies, whether for email or filling out the online forms, you will have more possibilities to be contacted for a job interview. We encourage you to do the best and get the dreamed job abroad!