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There are many words that one can use to refer to a person that has studied and is now developing a career in laws. Some of those words include attorneys, lawyers, advocates, paralegals, barristers and jurists. Jurists are qualified to perform many tasks in the field of laws. They are allowed to precede and administer a court of justice, to sentence, to perform wedding ceremonies, grant divorces and supervise other members of the court.

Apart from having a degree in laws, a jurist must have knowledge in other fields of study, like psychology, language, sociology and anthropology, which will help him improve the quality of his work by knowing the different aspects of the human behavior. There are also some skills that a professional must have in order to get a Jurists job. In many of the cases, a jurist is going to make decisions for the sake of people; so, he/she must be a good analyst, a good listener, a good negotiator, a good speaker and, of course, he/she should have a good temper and be impartial while dealing with all types of situation.

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