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Nowadays, junk food is the favorite meal for many people; consequently, people are suffering from obesity, diabetes and cancer. In order to prevent these diseases, nutrition as science studies many possible ways to eat properly so as to avoid food that is harmful to the human organism. Fortunately, there are plenty of nutrition careers in the world that are fighting against the bad eating habits. The most important careers in the nutrition field are as follows:

Dietary Aides Dietary aides are professionals working in hospitals supporting dietitians and cooking healthy meals for patients. They also are responsible for cleaning the kitchens properly.
Nutritionists Professional nutritionists tend to work in gyms, health food stores and health clubs. They can provide excellent diets to lose weight or gain muscular mass.
Registered Dietitians The professionals in this area can get medical jobs in clinics in order to manage the nutritional needs of the patients. They are required to take specific courses such as microbiology, anatomy, food preparation and behavioral sciences. The average salary for registered dietitians is $ 40.000s, annually.
Consulting Dietitians They work with patients with specific medical problems such as cancer and diabetics patients. They set strict diets in order to help patients.

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