Jobs in International atomic energy agency

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is an international organization that encourages the peaceful use of nuclear energy and stops the manufacturing of any kind of weapons. The IAEA is autonomous from the United Nations; however, it has to report to the UN General Assembly and to the Security Council. It was constituted as an independent organization on July 29th, 1957.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has its head offices in Vienna, Austria. There are two Regional offices: one in Toronto, Canada and the second one in Tokyo, Japan. It also has an office in New York, USA and other in Geneva, Switzerland; they are used as a contact office. And there are three laboratories: one in Vienna, Austria, the other one in Seibersdorf in Austria too, and the last one in Monaco.

There are one hundred fifty one members: most of them are part of the United Nations. The IAEA has three principal bodies: The Board of Governors, The General Conference, and The Secretariat.

• The Board of Governors; it´s composed by thirty five members. Thirteen are chosen by the retiring board while the remaining twenty-two are chosen by the General Conference. Their knowledge and geographical diversity are usually considered for the designation previously mentioned. They usually meet five times per year.

• The General Conference; it has 151 members. They get together once a year to discuss the Board of Governors’ actions and budges. Its main purpose is to debate about issues and policies.

• The Secretariat; it is headed by a director; he/she supervises the execution of all the actions passed by the board of Governors.

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