Jobs in International Labour Organization

The International Labour Organization (ILO) was created in 1919 with representatives of only nine countries; Belgium, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, France, Italy, Japan, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Nowadays, it is composed by the 183 members. It is an agency of the United Nations Organizations; in fact, it is the only tripartite UN agency because it has government, employer and worker representatives. This characteristic allows having a better communication among them and having all the points of view before taking a decision about a topic.

The ILO has four main objectives:

• To promote and develop fundamental principles and rights at work.
• To create better and decent employment opportunities for men and women.
• To improve the effectiveness of social laws and protection for everybody.
• To consolidate the dialogue and relationships among government, employers and workers.

The ILO is organized in:

The Governing Body; with 56 titular members; 28 and governments and the rest is divided into 14 employers and 14 workers. There are also 66 deputies, 28 governments, 19 employees and the same number of workers. They meet three times a year (March, June and November), there they organize the agenda of the International Labour Conference, make the organization’s budget, and elect its director.

The International Labour Conference; is every year during June, in Geneva, Switzerland. In this conference social labour problems are discussed, the budget is accepted and the Governing Body elected. Each Member State has a delegation to represent it. This delegation is composed by two government delegates and one employer and worker delegate and their counselors.

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