Jobs in United Nations Children's Fund

UNICEF means United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund. It was the original name that the organization received when it was created on December 11, 1946. In 1953, when the UNICEF became a permanent part of the United Nations, its name was changed to United Nations Children's Fund; however, the acronym was not changed due to its popularity. The main purpose of UNICEF is to provide help to children in developing countries and to the ones who do not have access to basic rights like education, health system, food, etc.

UNICEF works in some main aspects like:

• Child survival and development: The main purpose of this program is to prevent children’s death due to malnutrition or illness which can be prevented.

• Basic education and gender equality: This program focuses in providing education to every child, without considering their ethnic, genre, social or economic status, etc

• HIV / AIDS and children: The objective of this program is to reduce to cero the number of HIV transition from mother-to-child. To achieve it, they are doing campaigns to inform about AIDS and they are also providing medical attention in areas where there wasn´t any.

• Child Protection: As its name says this program focuses on protecting children from any kind of abuse, violence or exploitation.

• Policy advocacy and partnerships for children's rights: It focuses on child poverty and disparities, social protection, migration and social budgeting. UNICEF works with governments in order to create new laws to defend children’s rights.

These are only some of the many aspects that the UNICEF works to help children in the world.

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