Technical Support Jobs

Technical support jobs are very required days. The need of companies and people in general for constant care of technology and software products is a great opportunity for people who have a knowledge or interest in such subjects. Technical support assistance includes the fixing of products such as electronic and mechanical devices for industries, offices and houses. This job can only be performed by technicians but people with some training can operate the telephone lines in the technical support area by providing people with information or by helping them to resolve basic problems that their devices may have.

Three types of technical support can be provided for people who require it:
- When the costumer provides the materials that the technician may need and also pays for the number of hours.
- When a costumer hires a MSP (Managed Service Providers) company which already has a list of services to provide to their clients.
- And when the costumer has purchased the service of a technician for a certain number of hours in a year or a month.

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